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Meet the team

Our lab is made up of three principle investigators, each directing their own innovative programme of research into kidney and bladder diseases. Hover over a lab member below for more information about their research, or click on their name to see further information.


Professor in Paediatric Nephrology and Wellcome Trust Investigator in Science

David leads the research group and a long-term research mission which aims to understand mechanisms which underlie kidney and bladder disease in children and adults with the goal of translating these findings for patient benefit. His work has combined experimental models of kidney and bladder disease using zebrafish, transgenic mice and patient samples with innovative technologies including three-dimensional imaging, mathematical modelling, gene editing, stem cell technology and novel therapeutic approaches. He is a former Kidney Research UK Senior Fellow and MRC New Investigator.

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Professor of Paediatric Education

Paul trained as a Paediatrician, specialising in Paediatric Nephrology and Fetal Medicine with honorary consultant appointments at GOSH, UCLH and the Evelina London Children’s Hospital. Paralleling this clinical work, he undertook a PhD in Developmental Biology and has instigated and led diverse research studies on normal and abnormal development of the kidneys, with particular interests in polycystic kidney diseases and bladder / lower urinary tract obstruction. Paul is also passionate about developing future generations of paediatricians and developed and revamped the UCL BScs and MScs in Paediatrics and Child Health respectively, as well as initiating the joint Harvard-UCL program in Global Pediatric Leadership.

Stephen Marks Headshot.jpg

Professor of Paediatric Nephrology and Transplantation

Stephen is clinical lead for renal transplantation and Director of the NIHR GOSH Clinical Research Facility at GOSH for Children NHS Foundation Trust. His 3 main research interests are i) renal transplantation, systemic lupus erythematosis and hypertension.


Professor of Paediatric Nephrology

Rukkshana is Consultant in Paediatric Nephrology at GOSH. Her research focuses on cardiovascular disease in childhood kidney disease (CKD), combining laboratory work, clinical research studies and clinical trials. 


LIDo PhD student

Saif combines novel imaging techniques and nanotechnology to deliver therapies directly to the kidney glomerulus.


Dr Kevin Cao

PhD student

Kevin is a surgical registrar at GOSH, and is also interested in posterial urethral valve obstruction and how this affects bladder fibrosis and kidney function.

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Senior Research Associate

Karen is a BRC senior post-doctoral researcher. Her main research interest has been in understanding normal and abnormal human kidney development, and her current work is focussed on novel strategies that promote normal kidney development and differentiation.


Research Associate

Laura  focuses on investigating mechanisms of polycystic kidney disease to identify new therapeutic targets.


PhD student

Gideon is looking at the effects of diabetes on blood vessels using vascular organoids. Making use of scRNA-seq data he finds novel genes which are changed during the course of disease and tries to modulate them in-vitro using organoids.

TA cropped.jpg

Tahmina Wickenden

PhD student

Tahmina is investigating the role of lymphatics in diabetic kidney disease (DKD). Her research focuses on trying to understand whether lymphatic changes in DKD can be explored as a therapeutic target.


Research Fellow

Will investigates disease mechanisms in podocytes, and gene therapy strategies to alleviate podocyte injury, with a particular focus on the cytoskeleton.


PhD student

Lauren is interested in the role of Hedgehog signalling in the development of the kidney and the pathogenesis of Autosomal Recessive Polycystic Kidney Disease (ARPKD).

Maria KJ.jpg

Research Associate

Maria is interested in gene therapy strategies to alleviate polycystic kidney disease.


CEO of Encelo

Katia is the founder and CEO of Encelo, a company developing a novel device for cell capture and preservation from urine samples to offer unlimited and remote access to patient-specific primary cells.


MRC PhD student

Maria studies the mechanisms underlying kidney disease in a rare condition called ARC syndrome and is working on developing a gene therapy to treat it


Professor of Paediatric Science

Adrian is Professor of Paediatric Science in the University of Manchester, Honorary Professor at UCL, and the founder of the KDD. His research: i. pinpoints genetic and environmental causes of renal malformations; ii. defines roles of implicated molecules in organogenesis; and iii. tests preclinical therapies to prevent malformations and promote regeneration.


NIHR GOSH BRC Catalyst Fellow

Jennie is interested in the molecular pathways that cause childhood glomerular diseases, in order to identify new treatments. Her work is also focussed on improving how we deliver therapies to the kidney. 


Lecturer in Basic Sciences - Royal Vet College

Elisa is a past member of the group and a current collaborator with a research focus on podocyte biology and inflammatory mechanisms in kidney physiology and disease.

DJ cropped.jpg

Foulkes Foundation Post-doctoral Fellow

Daniyal studies lymphatic vessels in kidney development and diseases, such as polycystic kidney disease, transplant rejection and cancer. His research is supported by grants from Kidney Research UK, the Rosetrees Trust and the Polycystic Kidney Disease charity.

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