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Below is a list of selected scientific publications arising from our laboratory. Click on either David Long, Paul Winyard or Rukshana Shroff for more!

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We found that treating mice with a protein called thymosin beta 4 by gene therapy protects podocytes in a model of glomerular injury by protection of the podocyte cytoskeleton.


We found that addition of lithium encourages the production of nephrons from human embryonic kidney cells 


We found that a protein that is normally involved in instructing cells how to orientate themselves, called Vangl2, is has a role in protecting podocytes in the kidney from damage in renal disease in mice

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We used 3D imaging techniques and computerised analysis to find out how lymphatics grow during normal kidney development and what goes wrong in polycystic kidney disease


We found that VEGF-C, a protein which normally helps blood vessels and lymphatics to grow, helps to reduce the severity of disease and improve renal function in mouse models of polycystic kidney disease


We identified a new kind of kidney disease in humans which occurs due to faulty modifications to messengers of the cell: RNA

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